Rent a private boat for a canal cruise in Amsterdam. We think we offer you the best experience

Rent a private boat in the narrowest canals of the old Amsterdam area “the Jordaan” , through the heart of the Red Light District  and past the modern architecture of the IJ. Everything is possible. A boat rental experience in a classic way.

The so called “Saloon Boats” are sailed and owned by a local living on he Prinsengracht. He knows everything about the present, past and all daily and upcoming events. The Avanti itself is over a hundred years old. Build in 1909 just before the start of first world war. And there is one practical advantage to make a canal cruise with the Avanti. The canopy can be opened during nice weather and closed in rainy situations. And when it gets cold, the heating is turned on. You can rent this private boat any time. Just call us on: 06-22197287

Apart from our drinks we serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and stylish dinners.

Plan this exclusive experience together with us. Consider a business lunch or dinner with family and friends, or surprise your partner with a romantic cruise.

Our Saloon Boats for rent

In general, saloon boats are historical ships with a classic look. With a saloon boat, radiance is more important than the number of seats that you find on normal tour boats. In a saloon boat you also have more ambience, more atmosphere and attention for the passenger. They also usually have a higher roof. So that you can normally stand in a boat. Originally, a saloon boat is a historically luxuriously furnished pleasure boat intended for day trips or river cruises. Also often the name “Notary boat” or “Executive ship” is used. The name “Salonboot” refers to the fact that such a boat is provided with a comfortable luxurious salon with a view all around. In earlier times these ships were used for the ‘well-to-do class’.

Every private boat that you rent from us is suitable for all weather types. For the warm or cold season!

The beauty of all these boats is that they can be completely open or completely closed or also partially closed or open. And that can be done within minutes. Even in winter, at mild temperatures we regularly open the windows so that you have excellent opportunities to photograph  or, for example, still be able to smoke a cigarette. In addition, we can just keep the heating on so you still have a nice warm pleasant feeling.

And if it rains for example, the canopy can be closed very quickly so that you actually have a kind of rain guarantee.