Italian pasta boat in Amsterdam. The best Italian Pasta restaurant in town.


Varen Avanti Salonboot Amsterdam arrangement pasta

The best Italian Pasta Boat on the water. The name of this private boat of course says it all. “Avanti” A real Italian name and that is precisely the atmosphere we want to set on this pasta boat.

An Italian evening in style, facilitated by the famous restaurant Panini on the Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam. Enjoy this evening out with this fine Italian cuisine, with affordable wines in a romantic setting. A unique dinner as the conclusion of your company outing or event in Amsterdam.

The package includes the following:

  • A two-hour boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam
  • Three delicious pastas (meat, fish, vegetarian) prepared by the famous Restaurant Panini
  • Including drink it is beer, fresh and of course delicious wines.
  • With music of your choice

Catering-PastaeBastaAnd the best of all. You can also hire a singing waiter or tenor to complete the evening. Especially the tenor with real Neapolitan songs is a must. Look at the live music page. There are a number of surprising possibilities there

           Prices Pasta boat

Pasta boat for 2 hours from 10 – 20 people 65.00 euros per person

Pasta boat for 2 hours from 21 – 32 people 59, – euro per person

Pasta boat for 2 hours from 33 – 43 people 55, – euro per person

Prices are exclusive of VAT, exclusive entertainment fee (65 cents per person)