Staff outing, company outing, team outing and meeting room. A product presentation is also possible. Or do you want to invite your business contacts / customers to do unforgettable sailing on the Amsterdam canals? Then you are at the right address at the Salonboot Avanti. Can be based on an package deal or on exclusive customization. The boat is ideal for “mingling” so that you can get in touch with everyone during the trip. Call us for questions. We have various packages.



At a birthday or anniversary we think it is important that the ambiance meets the expectations so that the guests can enjoy a delicious boat trip. With the Salonboot avanti you are assured of a professionally organized trip. Our motto is always: We do not rent a boat. We create ambiance and entertainment and in consultation with you. That is why the Salonboot avanti is an excellent party location.

Feel free to contact us for more information about organizing such a party in this way.

Salonboat Avanti is the wedding boat of Amsterdam Your wedding or wedding on a boat? Or wedding transport from location to location? Do you want to be picked up at the city hall (the Stopera)? Your party or dinner on board while you are sailing through the Amsterdam canals? It can all be done at the Salonboat Avanti. We know many locations within the canals and can help you with tips and tricks for organizing your most important day.

Very nice to do. A cruise with the Salonboat Avanti. A cocktail trip, a dinner while you can enjoy countless light artwork along the route. A “must see” during the cold winter months. And the nice thing about this: your own skipper has been the initiator of this festival and can tell you a lot about it.

Rent a boat with King’s Day in Amsterdam. Yes King’s Day. Who would not want to sail on a boat? We have several boats sailing around. Together with your friends you can rent a boat for Kingsday or Kingsday. We arrange the drinks and possibly the music equipment. Then it saves a lot of dragging and cleaning up. With a beer or wine or something else in hand you can toast to the King.

The gaypride. Full of summer fun. Always on the 1st Saturday of the month of August. If you would like to have your own private boat to view this fantastic parade, please contact us. The Salonboot avanti has its own berth along the route. Prime location on the corner Vijzelstraat Prinsengracht with of course all facilities on board.

Sail with us on Sail Amsterdam 2020. Sail with the arrival or on all other days on the more than 100 year old Saloon Avanti. A historic boat acknowledged by  the national register national sailing heritage.