What kind of catering do you want?

Cozy to eat out with family, friends or colleagues. This can be done at our cruising floating restaurant, the private classic boat Avanti or one of our other Salon boats. From luxury dining, diners, business lunches, meetings with colleagues or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with pastries (from Holtkamp). We can facilitate it all. The catering can handle almost anything. See below what we offer as catering options and ask us about the possibilities for boating, dining and eating.

The possibilities

Boating and eating naturally are inextricably linked. We have all possibilities on board. Whether it is for snacks or a 3-course menu on board.

With a number of trips, receptions or occasions, a buffet logistics is a better idea. That usually also depends on the number of people and the given space on the boat. But you can also choose to dine on board with your friends, family or colleges. Or what do you think of a running dinner on board where each dish is taken from another restaurant. While dining you can see the historic canal houses. What a surprise.


The above costs are related to the costs of the catering. Added to this are the costs of the boat, the drinks and any additional costs. We also have packages with a fixed price per person.

And if you want support in your choice, please contact us. We have been doing this for years and can provide you with tips.